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Hans Rosling presentation on Aids

May 18th, 2009 Posted in Smart thinking, Taking a stand

At the last TED conference in 2009, Hans Rosling presented new information about risk factors in the distribution of AIDS, using his spectacular graphs that he also shares at Gapminder.org.
Or maybe I should write questions about risk factors, because he shows that some obvious variables (wars, poverty) seem to have no influence. He challenges us to think about what to measure, and he addresses the fallacy that there is one Africa. Quote:
"When a new disease arises we want to use it for our old fights. And we are not really addressing HIV, we are using it to fight our old battles."

See also the May 2009 interview about this presentation.

You can make these kind of ‘moving’ charts yourself. The easiest way to convert your data into a Gapminder-like bubble graph is to use Motion Chart from Google. Motion Chart is a free ‘gadget’ for Google Spreadsheet.

This was not Rosling’s first talk at TED: In Feb 2006 he debunked some myths about the so-called developing world, and at TED 2007 he shared some new insights on poverty.

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